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Bali - What images “Bali” reminds you ? Paradise? Bombings? Innocent smiles on the locals? Rude Drivers annoying you on the roads? Sunshine? Colorful Magic, Traditions filled with awe?

Whether you’ve already been here or not, Bali has hundreds of thousands of faces shown to you. You might be one of few witnesses who’re lucky to meet unfamiliar charms that are seldom introduced by travel guides on Bali. If you are open-minded with curiosity, Bali would offer you a lot. We’d be happy to assist you to explore it around and find your own Bali’s treasures.

In these days, the vogue for accommodations in Bali is changing, exactly saying, improving up to suit the environment. Back to what Bali itself hopes. Even with many convenient facilities built since tourism waves landed on, the purity, the custom which has been followed among the locals will never fade. We don’t feature any hotels, any boutique hotels, any hotel-styled-villas, but only Private Luxury Holiday Rental Villas originally designed for the private use of the owners. Except 5 star-ranked hotels, we recommend you should try the taste which you don’t expect it in any other places on globe, and we guarantee you could take the value more than what it offers.

We do hope this website will light a fire on the existing condition that the numberless travel agents being greedy for gain, non-policy websites, on Bali, are acting big, and also hope we could share a lot with you through our experiences. Don’t miss tuning in this small island with full of jewels, the rhythm, the heartbeat. Find your own style here.

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