Not only in Bali, wherever you go for your holiday, you will be offered to join some sightseeing tours. You may sometimes feel annoyed with enthusiastic offers, depending on the destinations where you visit. In addition, when you look for some renowned places like restaurants, spa, join marine sports, some programs, and your guide books give you little information on them, what will you do? If you’re in Singapore, it could be easy to find official tourist information center. Those are scattered here, there and everywhere in Singapore, however, it is the fact that there are few or nearly zero official tourist center in Bali, although you find many small tour-selling counters, stands along the streets displaying “Tourist Information Center” board which they aim to get as much income as from you. I think, this fact has come from the lack of Indonesian Government or Bali Official Tourism Board efforts for encouraging tourists to come to Bali, to feel peacefully staying in Bali.

 However, it is also the fact that locals income in Bali, currently, relies on the number of tourists, thus, if you feel the offer you’re asked can be reliable, it’s your decision if you will take or not, because most of you, foreigners could be moved by the Balinese hospitality, which you’ve not ever experienced.

 We can organize any kinds of programs, sightseeing tours –Golf package, Spa package, Local’s house stay experience package, Rafting through valley, Horse, Camel riding on the beach, Marine-sports, Traditional spiritual programs, Cruise, or whatsoever. Believe or not, we’d be happy if we could assist you to experience the untouched Bali, which has been seldom featured in your guide book, and we feel boring with sticking to our gains. You can find those kinds of agents, stands by typing “Bali” in any search engine and clicking it. In case, if we judge we can’t provide you enough programs which you’d experience, we might recommend other reliable agents specializing in Bali sightseeing tours. Plus, if you’ve already been one of Bali freaks who visit here frequently, if you’re curious to experience the program not featured in any guide books, you can inquire us, mentioning what activities you’d have, by e-mail, then, we will try our best to meet you demand, request.


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